Bob Henson Picture of Bob (R.W.Henson)

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Worked for the Ministry of Supply and UKAEA Harwell for twenty six years, mainly in the field of Radiation Damage in Graphite.
Moved into industry in 1976 and worked for Gresham Lion Ltd. where they designed a range of Graphics and Imaging systems for the DEC PDP11 and VAX computers - some of the first high resolution displays on the market, long before PCs were even invented. Later taken over by Dowty Information Systems. Now retired, a fully paid-up OAP, and enjoying life.
Still writing software and wasting time browsing the Net. Bob married Alison Donovan in 1962.
Bob has a son, Andy Henson who is Technology Director of   Wavestore   a company specialising in Digital Video Recording and Management. He lives in Oxford with his wife Jane and sons Felix and Remus.
And a daughter, Debbie Clarke, an author who writes fiction and lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband Graham and her cat Willow.

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